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Kiss-FM is a guitar orientated rock radio station. We're Jock-Free and enjoy putting our playlist in the hands of our listeners - not DJs! You can request 20 songs daily from rock to acoustic and metal to the blues and dedicate these songs on-line.

To make a request, click the 'Request' button to your left and make an on-line song choice in real-time. No texts or phone calls needed!

We also broadcast specialist shows during the week including Kiwi Lunch, The Progressive Rock Box (9pm) and The Late Shift (10.30pm). Check the Kiss-FM On-Air light on the left hand side of this screen to see which shows are broadcasting. 'Kiss-FM Rock!' is our daily format.

Sunday is the day we broadcast a range of dedicated shows from local rock and alt-country to the blues. Requests are disabled during these shows. Check the Request On/Off indicator under the Top 10 Request list on our main page to confirm requests are available.

Kiss-FM is always looking to include new music in its featured programmes if you would like to donate old CDs or brand new music you've found or created and want to share with the world get in touch at;

Try downloading our mobile phone Apps so you can take Kiss-FM with you on the road. Kiss-FM is the only local radio station to stream song titles and album artwork with embedded social media links and band web sites, so you can see and hear your music - wherever you are in the world! To download Tunein's iPhone and Android Apps go here;


You can help Kiss-FM by telling other music lovers about the station. Join us and share your music with the world.

If you would like to donate and help us pay the bills to keep us on-line and on-air donations are always welcome - or buy a Kiss-FM T-Shirt and show the world who you're listening to!

Get in touch at;

While you're writing out that big Paypal donation, make a request and see how easy it is to enjoy Jock-Free, Music-on-Demand radio! - Your No#1 Rock Station

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