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Mount MaunganuiKiss-FM is Mount Maunganui’s only local radio station.

At Kiss-FM we love guitars and love to rock! We enjoy playing bands that should be getting commercial air-time on mainstream radio but aren’t. So you’ll hear many of your favourite bands but also rock that’s never been broadcast in the Bay before.

Kiss-FM plays live rock, instrumental rock, progressive rock, the blues, Alt-Country, acoustic music and local Kiwi rock – or music that never gets airtime on mainstream commercial radio in New Zealand. We've been doing it on air since 2009.

Kiss-FM is a radio station built by a rock fan and it shows! It sounds different because we're breaking all the normal radio rules. There are no jocks, there are no adverts and we play a range of guitar players across different genres. We play bands not brands!

Here at Kiss-FM we're proud to be NZ's first 'Music-on-Demand' rock radio station. Music lovers across the world come to Kiss-FM to request new songs and to lie back and enjoy our specialist shows. Simply click the on-line 'Request' box and pick the songs directly from our on-line playlist which has more than 17,000 songs (most commercial radio stations have around 700 songs on their playlists). Kiss-FM has more tracks in its Progressive Rock playlist alone than all of The Rock and Radio Hauraki's playlisted songs combined! If you can't find the rock you want to hear tell us and we'll track it down and add it to the Kiss-FM playlist.

At 10.30pm each week night our full ‘Late-Shift’ playlist comes on-line and this includes the metalcore rock that other rock radio stations won’t play. You can request these songs all night long but these songs will be off-line from Breakfast until the Late-Shift kicks in again at 10.30pm.

At Kiss-FM we're breaking the normal radio rules by playing more song styles and more music with less DJ and advertising clutter than any other station in the country. Music is in our blood and it's all interactive with the click of a button on your mobile phone or PC anywhere in the world. So we hope you'll enjoy the music. That after all, is what radio should be about. " likes to believe in the freedom of music..."

There are many people who have contributed to Kiss-FM. And we’d like to say thanks to the people who helped and provided inspiration along the way:

In the beginning there was Gary who said ‘Yes!’ Kiss-FM could have the transmitter site; Phil Grey who gave us the broadcast toys to get started; the music donated and inspired from the always and forever cool Vik 'I air-drum to DT' Guthrie, Nathan, Shane and Angry Jeff Fogden; the unforgettable students of Max-FM for the inspiration; Toast, Big J, MM, Josh, Adam, Joe, Amandala, Georgina and the students who helped build something from nothing. Thanks to JP and John for the great liners, Kunal, Jared and Jeremy for all the technical work behind the web site. Thanks to Vern Talbot and George Burt for technical advice. Thanks to Graham Clark - a musical inspiration and the designer behind the station ‘look’. Thanks to Guitar Dave for climbing every fret to the top and thanks to Big Rob for the metalwork and Logan for the TX box! Thanks to Village Radio for the equipment loan! Thank you to Joseph Karl - the student who taught the teacher how to do it right! Thanks to the great musicians who make it all worthwhile! And thanks to the Bay locals who lobbied Government while Kiss-FM's ambitions were constrained by political indifference and outdated legislation. And last, grateful thanks to the late John Hildebrand who kept the station alive with his enthusiastic support and ongoing encouragement to fight for the right to broadcast - your music plays on and you will always be missed. Overdue thanks to my wonderful wife Linda who makes all things possible for me and puts up with the endless radio discussions, emergency call-outs and the late night scheming and dreaming. Thanks too to Scooter and Nash for waiting for me to get home from the studio. You two cats rock! Finally, thanks to Contact 89FM - it's where I came in and your spirit of radio lives on. Max Christoffersen - Your No#1 Rock Station - Your No#1 Rock Station

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