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The Kiss-FM Rate-Card

Advertising with Kiss-FM is different from other radio stations. And the reason why it's different is because we've been radio advertisers too - and we find radio advertising so confusing, that even we don't understand it.

So we want to make it simple.

Kiss-FM has two set ad-rates which we believe makes radio advertising easy.

As an advertiser you have two choices - advertise using on-line banner advertising or sponsor our specialist shows.

  1. Advertising on Kiss-FM is $50-$90 per month (see ad sizes below) with graphic hyper linked banner on our site.


  2. Sponsor a Kiss-FM specialist show (eg Kiwi Lunch) at $50 per month with small banner advert on-line (see ad spaces to your left).

How to Make Your Ads Effective?

We believe the way to advertise with Kiss-FM is through on-line advertising. We host around 1000 Kiss-FM web-site visits a week and we receive more than 4000 on-line song requests a month. As the Bay's only Music-on-Demand station we are building a solid base of listeners locally and internationally.

The traffic to our web site is building and that's why we say 'Multi-Media is King'. Your company's on-line advert can also provide tracking for enquiries coming through from our web-site to yours so you can measure your on-line radio advertising.

Convinced? We hope so - as we said at the top, we've been radio advertisers too and we think this is the way we would want to advertise, with trackable On-line advertising.

Remember you have two easy options;


  1. Advertise on-line with graphic banner ads


  2. Sponsor a show.

Kiss-FM is Mt Maunganui's only local radio station and if you would like to advertise with us get in touch at and let's talk radio!

Simon Bridges Music Shack
Mount Mainstreet SPCA Tauranga

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